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‘Performance’ workshop roundtable discussion on ‘Celebrating the Theatre of Sport’ with Nike's Ben Shaffer
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Getting active in the local environment with Spartan Bars during the ‘Sustainability’ workshop
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‘Formfitting’ workshop exploring identity with creative consultants Patternity
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Capturing the theme ‘Lightness’ with Tyrone Lebon and Ladoja & Sons

​Nike Flyknit Collective 'Lightness' video edited by Trim

Workshop participants had the chance to discuss the themes with four of Nike’s head designers and thinkers from their Innovation Kitchen in Oregon. They were also mentored throughout the workshops by incredible creative talent from our network including; illustrator Daniel Frost, visual communicator Alice Moloney, fashion designers Cassette Playa and Astrid Andersen, fashion blogger Susie Bubble, photographer James Pearson-Howes and composer Mira Calix.
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Aske Gardens before regeneration
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Aske Gardens brought to life
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‘48 Ballers in action on the regenerated court during the Flyknit Festival
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UVA’s installation ‘Floating Point’ with dancers choreographed by Ella Robson-Guilfoyle
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Film Screening during the Flyknit Festival

Video by Giorgia Polizzi of UVA's Floating Point in action

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Flyknit print collateral
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Flyknit print collateral
Key Performance Indicators
  • · Aske Gardens was awarded top park in Hackney 2014 and Green Flag status for excellence
  • · Over 140 local participants in workshops, and over 400 visitors on the opening night.
  • · Described as "one of the social highlights of the Olympic summer.” by Jessica Brinton, Sunday Times Style