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Extract from The New Breed by Mike Dempsey, article first published in Eye Magazine no. 82, vol.20, Winter 2012:

There must be more ‘creatives’ per square metre in Shoreditch than anywhere else in London, and it is here, in a quiet side street, that two twenty-somethings are changing the whole notion of what a 21st-century design consultancy might be.

It’s Nice That, the website / blog devised by Will Hudson and Alex Bec while they were students, has evolved into a rapidly growing practice they call INT Works (, working with a wide range of clients and collaborators.

Years of curating the blog have given them an array of creative collaborators and surprising avenues, far outside the norms of a traditional design consultancy. They are less interested in putting a personal stamp on their work than in ‘what is right for the project’, says Hudson. ‘Ego shouldn’t come into it,’ Bec chips in. ‘Our main excitement is being called in to see a client. We then set about interrogating the purpose of the brief, and more often than not we will turn it on its head.’ According to Hudson, ‘The creative thinking is every bit as important as the execution.’

Selected Clients

Selected Clients
Selected Clients